Are you one of the guitar players who change their strings only when they break? If you answered this yes, then this post is meant for you. The correct approach is to change the string once it starts producing incorrect pitch. In this post, I will explain in detail regarding when should you change the strings of your guitar.

Firstly if you notice that the harmony of the twelfth fret is not matching with the harmony of fretted note on twelfth fret, you should realize that it is the time to change the strings. Again, if the chords are not producing pleasant sound in the open position it indicates that the strings need to be replaced. Finally, if you notice fretboard intonation problems when you move to higher positions, it is a clear indication that the guitar strings should be changed. This is the reason for beginners not being able to witness any impact of old strings as the intonation problem is not noticeable in the open position.