Guitar finger trapping demands regular practice and finger strength. It is gradual process and you need to first play guitar at slow tempo so as to master the art of finger tapping. In this post, I will explain the general guitar finger trapping tips.

The basic requirement for this process is making your tones clear. There shouldn’t be any extra strings present while performing finger trapping. If the extra strings are not eliminated it will result in undesired noise which will further crank up the sound.

Eliminating the sound from open strings is very easy, all you need to do is to limit your first fret using a rubber band. Tapping is easier with the middle finger and you should prefer its use.

Again, start with a slow tempo and gradually increase it during the tapping process. Once you had tried the basics, you can also learn two hands trapping where left hand is meant for bass notes while the right one takes care of the melody.