Many people think that learning guitar or any other musical instrument is a easy job. But without guidance and proper guitar tips it might be a difficult task.

Here are 5 Tips that will make this task a little easier :

1. Don’t try to be too fast

Learning to play a guitar is not about speed , as any task in life this must be done within a proper time , it might take a little more than you think but at the end you will be happy with the results

There is no need to rush things up – try to learn a single cord every day and see the notations where it is used.
2. Practice Practice Practice.

it is said that practice makes better , in every practice you will learn more , if you have some spare time try to invest it in practicing
3. learn by your mistakes.

It is said that we learn more from out mistakes that from our achievements , this is also true for playing a guitar whenever you like a song try to learn it yourself you might fail at the beginning but you will get it right at the end. Once you have learned it yourself check the notations for errors and changes.
4. Listen

Train your ears to catch mistakes. a great part of the music is to know when you are doing things wrong , so when you are tuning your guitar or playing it or even listen to someone else play , open your ears and LISTEN , it might be difficult in the begining but eventually it will become your second nature

Remember – It is very much required to improve your listening skill.
5. Be Passionate about it

Passion is the soul of music and if you are not passionate about guitar and music then it will be harder to learn it.

On that other side too much passion in a short time might burn all the fun out of it , so be passionate about things you love ( mmm …The guitar ) but remember not to do other things as well .

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