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Master Your Guitar Craft: The Steps To Advancing Towards Master Guitar Player Levels

Numerous guitar music lovers look up to top professional guitarists of both long ago and current ones, speculating on just how they rose to become master guitar musicians. Many people think such profound greatness comes from a simple natural endowment. However, many would be dumbfounded to find out that a high number of these artists […]

Learning To Strum The Guitar

Learning how to play the guitar takes time even if it does not guarantee that the person will become a rock star. One can still do it by practicing often then harnessing his skill. There are two ways for z person to start strumming the guitar. The first is doing it with the fingers and […]

Secret Things You Learn When You Practice On Your Guitar

I guess you practice on your guitar in the hope of becoming a better guitarist with the joy that follows. However, many learning processes are active when you practice on your guitar. After reading this article I hope you will be more aware of factors that can limit your progress as a guitarist and that […]

Guitarists – Learn To Play Guitar Fast

Several novice guitarists out there impatiently want to learn to play the guitar effortlessly. Regardless, many have a somewhat vague conception about what this really means. Lets see if we can clear up some of this misconceptions about playing fast, assert various fundamental rules about learning to play the guitar fast and at the same […]

How Record Pools Can Make Musicians Rich!

Record pools…ever heard of them? The chance is that you have not. And, there is an equal reason that you have not. And, even though major record labels have used them for years, and continue to use record pools extensively, record pools are one of the most secretive elements within the Music industry. Yet, although […]